AMU allocates RM3.6 mil scholarship for Sarawakians

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November 29, 2016
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AMU allocates RM3.6 mil scholarship for Sarawakians

KUCHING: Asia Metropolitan University (AMU), an associate institution of Masterskill Global College (MGC), is allocating scholarships amounting to RM3.6 million for Sarawakians to pursue health sciences and business degree programmes this year.

Asiamet Executive Education Sdn Bhd chief executive officer, Dato Dr Jayles Yeoh, said 100 places would be available at MGC Kuching for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) students to take up its foundation programmes in health sciences and business for the April intake.

Upon completion of the foundation course in one year, students will continue their Bachelors programme either in pharmacy, medical or business studies in AMU campuses in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru.

“In view of the challenges brought about by global economic uncertainty worldwide, the board of directors and management of AMU have allocated RM10 million worth of scholarships for SPM students to study in its foundation programme in health sciences and business, leading to degree programmes.

“A total of 100 places, with scholarships amounting to RM3.6 million, will be allocated to MGC Kuching campus particularly for Sarawakians to begin their foundation or diploma programmes,” Yeoh said in his speech during MGC Chinese New Year celebration held at its campus in Batu Kawa near here Friday.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem who officiated at the event and MGC centre manager Dr Irene Lau Meng Ing were also present.

“We are supporting Sarawak with 100 seats to study the foundation courses in health sciences and business here. Depending on the results, they will get free tuition fees as well. The main objective is to have more Sarawakians to pursue medical or business programme to become doctors, pharmacists and entrepreneurs. We hope school leavers will take this opportunity to apply,” Yeoh told reporters afterwards.

He was content to note that as a Malaysian home grown university, Asiamet has managed to expand the AMU franchise to China, where is has over 400 students undertaking various programmes. The franchise also has about 50 students in Saudi Arabia and some 200 students starting their business programme in Vietnam this year.

“As a Malaysian home grown brand, we have worked hard to fly the Malaysian flag in exporting our education overseas.”

In his speech earlier, Riot said the country had envisioned to create some 1.5 million new jobs within the 11th Malaysia Plan by 2020. From the figure, the government targeted to produce about 60 per cent skilled or semi-skilled workers within five years as it looked to become a developed and high-income nation.

In this regards, he applauded the efforts of private higher learning institutions to help the nation achieve its 2020 vision.

“Government effort alone, to upskill the nation is not enough. The work of institutions such as AMU and Masterskill is part of the private sector’s effort to ensure the nation have sufficient workforce. As for the RM3.6 million worth in scholarships to cater for 100 young Sarawakians, we express our gratitude. This is what I call corporate social responsibility on the part of AMU. This move should be lauded.”

Lau meanwhile, mentioned that MGC Kuching has produced over 700 graduates for the healthcare industry since its inception.

Asiamet Education Group Bhd (formerly known as Masterskill Education Group Bhd) set up its Batu Kawa campus in 2010. Masterskill College (Kuching Metro Campus) began its operation in January 2010 to cater to the educational needs of Sarawakians. The institute officially changed its name to Masterskill Global College (MGC) in May 2012. This change of name indicates the institution’s strategic drive to diversify, internationalise and reposition itself

Source: The Borneo Post

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