Faculty & Teaching Centres

Faculty of Business & Information Technology

The Faculty of Business and Information Technology is committed to provide a quality education to its students and encourage them to make a strong impact in their communities.

Our focus is to help our students develop the skills and knowledge required to get a job or advance their career. The faculty offers innovative undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business and information technology. Emphasizing on how technology can help enhance business opportunities, students are prepared to land successful careers in business and industry.

The university works closely with industry, to offer programmes of study that meet job-market needs. Several initiatives to support graduate job-seekers, such as industry projects in real businesses, and globally-recognised qualifications. We structure our programmes carefully to enable you to move straight from study to work with flexible learning options to suit your lifestyle and career objectives.

Faculty of Medicine

The AMU Faculty of Medicine educates health professional and life sciences students at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels and pursues research in the laboratory, clinical settings and at the population and public policy level to improve the health of people.

The programme is run in the same region with five partner’s hospitals to provide a broad coverage of the programme structure linking the pre-clinical and clinical sciences for our students to learn. MBBS programme has been vetted and approved by the Malaysian Medical Council and provides equitable access to quality medical education for all.

In addition to the approved curriculum, AMU also invests its time in developing caring and competent medical professionals. The MBBS programme is offered in Johor Bahru campus.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy offers the latest courses that cover a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical and the framework of the rules and regulations of the Pharmacy Board Malaysia.

The programme structure includes clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, microbiology, biochemistry and management science.
Pharmacy students at AMU are exposed to the rapidly growing information revolution in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, and are supplied with the latest laboratory equipment worldwide. Huge investments are geared to provide excellence in scientific education and research.

Faculty of Nursing

The vision of the Faculty of Nursing at AMU is to prepare future health care leaders, innovative clinicians, scholars and partners in health care reforms necessary in meeting the needs of the individual and the community. And to achieve this, the faculty has developed compassionate patient and family centered clinicians capable of providing exceptional and professional nursing practice in diverse health care settings; translating science into practice and meet the needs of the population in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

The faculty is committed to providing high quality learning environment that utilizes cutting edge technological innovations and promote clinical reasoning in all phases of the student’s education.

Faculty of Therapeutic Healthcare

The Faculty of Therapeutic Healthcare strives to be a leader in the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge that advances the sciences and practice of our integrated health-related disciplines. We build and sustain academic programs that meet current and emergent needs of the health care community. Each program provides a curriculum that prepares our students to be market-ready in their fields of study. The students must have an aptitude for science and a good working knowledge of chemistry, biology, physiology, math and microbiology.

Centre for Foundation Studies

The Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS) prepares students’ pathway for various Undergraduate Programmes (UG) offered in the university. Within the one-year foundation programme, students will be prepared with a wide coverage of science and social skills throughout our curriculum structures.

Centre for Postgraduate Studies

Asia Metropolitan University’s Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) promotes excellence amongst postgraduate academic staff and students through responsive teaching, research work and supervision. The centre coordinates with various faculties of the Asia Metropolitan University for admission, postgraduate examination results’ endorsement and appointment of research supervisors and graduation of postgraduates in a manner where quality control regulations are uniformed, procedures are strictly adhered to and high academic standards are maintained. The centre works closely with the Centre for Research and Development (CRD) to facilitate postgraduate representation and engagement with research processes including animal and human ethics in the University.