Accreditation & Quality Assurance


Cyberjaya College Kuching is well known for its mark of quality in providing solid education for students throughout the regions of Sarawak. Programmes offered at Cyberjaya College Kuching are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).

No. Programme MQA CodeJPT CodeJPT Approval Date 
1Diploma in Healthcare (FA) A 10453R2/720/4/00576th August 2019
2Diploma in Environmental Health (FA) A11033R/853/4/002320th October 2015
3Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (FA) A 11482R/725/4/006120th October 2015
4Diploma in Physiotherapy (FA) MQA/FA 0039R/726/4/00709th October 2015
5Foundation in Health Sciences (FA) MQA/FA 1054R/720/3/009315th September 2016
6Diploma in Biotechnology (FA) MQA/FA 8878N/545/4/009611th October 2017
7Diploma in Business Studies (FA) MQA/FA 9102N/340/4/07704th January 2018
8Certificate in Science (FA) MQA/PA 10499N/440/3/003626th April 2019
9Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship (PA)MQA/PA 11681N/345/4/117329th January 2021
10Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health (PA)MQA/PA 11489N/862/4/007118th March 2021