Asiamet Executive Education Centre Sdn Bhd (AEE)

Asiamet Executive Education Centre Sdn Bhd (AEE)

AIMSMET Executive Education embedded in one of Asia’s top emerging Universities – Asia Metropolitan University – engages industry experts world-class academia to transform knowledge into ingenious solutions in Science, Technology and Management. From unique skills training in retail operations to finding solutions in complex performance management; from logo design in small medium industry to branding solutions for government link companies; and from the next generation of data management devices to robotic engineering, AIMSMET focuses is squarely on the application of research & consultancy for Executive education. Research from AIMSMET and its partnering industry & institution of higher learning is always at the forefront of some of the world’s most practical cutting edge projects. Regional business models for retailing & franchising, setting up of skills training academias, and imparting management & applied knowledge in business management though lifelong learning are just some of the many areas in which AIMSMET applies its continuous research & teaching. AIMSMET has a growing reputation for inspirational teaching and research industry-scale facilities and superior links with industry & commerce providing one-of-a-kind opportunities for alternative education for both its learners and corporate partner alike.

英文姓名 中文姓名 性别 护照 课目 进学 提交日期 备注
No English Name Chinese Name Gender Passport Course Intake Date of Submission Remarks
1 Elelaish Musaad Elfadal Khalil Male B0534690 MBA 9-Nov-2015 Recived ID
2 Abeer Ali Hamdan Abu Barham Female T103853 MBA 1-Jul-2015 Recived ID
3 Alobaid, Meshari Abdullah A Male M496334 MBA 29-Dec-2015 Recived ID
4 Aljoudi, Fahad Nasser A Male J256954 MBA 8-Dec-2016 Recived ID
5 Ayman Mohamed Mohi Mahfouz Male A 15578478 MBA 8-Dec-2015 Recived ID
6 Nasser  Ibrahim Albalkhi Male N009346399 MBA 26-Dec-2015 Recived ID
7 Alsobayyil, Abdulmohsin Mohammad A Male K114241 MBA 24-Dec-2015 Recived ID
8 Alsilfih, Mohammed Abdulrahman A Male K178264 MBA 4-Jan-2016 Recived ID
9 Moataz Abdelraouf Bauomy Mohammed Male A13322586 MBA 31-Dec-2015 Recived ID
10 Alshehri, Mohammed Salem A Male R650470 MBA 31-Dec-2015 Recived ID
11 Al-Awbathani , Omar Ali Saeed Male 03160963 MBA 5-Jan-2016 Recived ID
12 Alharbi, Meshal Sulaiman A Male P917166 MBA 31-Dec-2015 Recived ID
13 Mohamad  Moustafa Kamal Nasani Male N004496667 MBA 3-Sep-2015 Recived ID
14 Alharbi, Saad Shaher Z Male K926916 MBA 6-Jan-2015 Recived ID
15 Alharthi, Laila Abdu S Female M418799 MBA 7-Jan-2016 Recived ID
16 Alharbi, Mohammed Farhan D Male R565804 MBA 9-Jan-2016 Recived ID
17 Ahmad Moh’d Bashir Al-Aqra Male L663744 MBA 7-Jan-2016 Recived ID
18 Alruqi, Shalhoub Eid M Male R684683 MBA 14-Jan-2016 Recived ID
19 Alanazi , Nasser Ali R Male M176771 MBA 17-Jan-2016 Recived ID
20 Alharbi, Saleh Mahommad B Male L378653 MBA 18-Jan-2016 Recived ID
21 Alarjani , Mohammed Obaid M Male I007180 MBA 18-Jan-2016 Recived ID
22 Alarjani , Muqhim Fahhad A Male M897720 MBA 18-Jan-2016 Recived ID
23 Alarjany, Masfer Abdullah S Male L522882 MBA 18-Jan-2016 Recived ID
24 Mowkley, Mohammed Ahmed K Male L543596 MBA 19-Jan-2016 Recived ID
25 Haitham Mossad Ali Elsherbini Male A1193826 MBA 26-Jan-2016 MBAF201604002
26 Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelrazek Ahmed Male A17052146 MBA 23-Jan-2016 MBAF201604001
27 Samy Ibrahim Abdulhamid Ibrahim Male A07627589 MBA 23-Jan-2016 MBAF201604004
28 Abdulhamid Ibrahim Abdulhamid Alfadaly Male A03191265 MBA 23-Jan-2016 MBAF201604003
29 Alzahrani, Ahmad Mohammad A Male L303373 MBA 5-Feb-2016 MBAF201604005
30 Noureldin Elsayed Marouf Abdalrahman Shafei Male A10120666 MBA 31-Jan-2016 Not Recived
31 Galal Khallaf Galal Suify Male A13174651 MBA 30-Jan-2016 01MBAF-201604-00031
32 Alkhalde, Bander Khalid H Male M174879 MBA 29-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00032
33 Alanazi, Ayed Saleh A Male K623008 MBA 31-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00033
34 Alanazi, Eid Saleh A Male P529836 MBA 31-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00034
35 Almohaileb, Lamya Fahad M Female M570443 MBA 3-Apr-2016 01MBAF-201604-00035
36 Almohaileb, Hayfa Fahad M Female P306665 MBA 3-Apr-2016 01MBAF-201604-00036
37 Alsahafi, Essa Mohammed A Male K743696 MBA 27-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00037
38 Amal Hassan Essa Abu Sada’h Female N151282 MBA 27-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00038
39 Alshehri, Abdullah Zaher A Male K063064 MBA 27-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00039
40 Al-Dhahra, Muaad Abdullah Ali Male 05167653 MBA 27-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00040
41 Abdul Qader Hassan Abdul Qader Alsaafin Male L425075 MBA 27-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00041
42 Alghamdi, Abrar Saeed M Female R569814 MBA 2-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00042
43 Alsharif, Ahmed Hamoud A Male O049451 MBA 29-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00043
44 Mahmoud Mohamed Aly Yousif Male P00042998 MBA 29-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00044
45 Fintyanh, Nisreen Ghazi A Female K244748 MBA 29-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00045
46 Imbaraki, Mohammed Ahmed E Male K389677 MBA 4-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00046
47 Hani Raka Karrar Mohammed Male K0033007 MBA 1-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00047
48 Ali Mohamed Mohamed Elsherbiny Male A01013388 MBA 29-Jan-2016 01MBAF-201604-00048
49 Ahmed Saadeldin Sobhi Alsahhar Male P00083064 MBA 1-Feb-2016 01MBAF-201604-00049
50 Hesham Elsayed Abdelmoghni Youssef Male A04075274 MBA 3-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00050
51 Haydar, Abdoh Mohammed A Male M652440 MBA 26-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00051
52 Amr Mohamed Amer Elsayed Male A07106524 MBA 24-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00052
53 Abdullah Saeed Mubarak Aldini Male 04262123 MBA 26-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00053
54 Alaa Mohamed Aly Mohamed Rashdan Male A08951461 MBA 26-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00054
55 Alassaf, Mohammed Assaf M Male M058429 MBA 26-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00055
56 Abdul-Rahman Saleh Salem Male 03162423 MBA 26-Mar-2016 01MBAF-201604-00056
57 Zeinab Ahmed Afifi Mohammed Ahmed Female A02725548 MBA 1-Apr-2016 01MBAF-201604-00057
58 Ahmed Bayoumy Mohamed Elgabry Male A15425378 MBA 1-Apr-2016 01MBAF-201604-00058
59 Bawyan, Ibrahim Rashad M Male P606644 MBA 4-May-2016 NEW
60 Alsuhaim, Diab Mahmoud A Male J494066 MBA 6-May-2016 NEW
61 Alsoriai, Fahad Abdullah S Male L242485 MBA 6-May-2016 NEW
62 Alsharif, Aeshah Mohammed A Female K433354 MBA 25-Apr-2016 NEW
Year 2014
1st batch of MBA from HKCI (April 2014)
No. English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Status Student ID
1 Yang Shi hai 杨世海 M 532201197406020314 MBA Apr-14 Active HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00001
2 Hua Chun lan 花春兰 F G60964566 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00002
3 Wang Chao 王超 M E09863332 MBA Apr-14 Active HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00003
4 Huang Xiao quan 黄小全 M E09149522 MBA Apr-14 Active HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00004
5 Huang Yong hua 黄泳桦 M E06328216 MBA Apr-14 Active HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00005
6 Guo Tao 郭涛  M E33464736 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00006
7 Du Bi ying 杜毕莹 F G55234808 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00007
8 Fan Jing quan 范璟泉 M E34114940 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00008
9 Xie Shan hong 谢珊虹 F G35198620 MBA Apr-14 Active HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00009
10 Liu Zhe hao 刘哲豪 M G39204264 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00010
11 Liu Jia chang 刘家昌 M G32647823 MBA Apr-14 Active HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00011
12 Lu Xu liang 陆旭良 M E02175841 MBA Apr-14 Active HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00012
13 Chen Yang yang 陈杨杨 F E02175843 MBA Apr-14 Active HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00013
14 Li Wei zhe 李维哲 M G45266237 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00014
15 Zhang Chu han 张楚涵 F G58433451 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00015
16 Chen Yue 陈月 F G45540915 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00016
17 Zhang Jun 张俊 M G61780568 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00017
18 Chen Zheng jun 陈正军 M E35604702 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00018
19 Hang Xiao 杭笑 F G44441639 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00019
20 Zhu Wei jun 朱伟军 M G54767060 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00020
21 Lai Fen juan 来芬娟 F G38923659 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00021
22 Chen Hui 陈慧 F G55058111 MBA Apr-14 Completed 01MBAF-201402-00022
23 Liang Min chao 梁敏超 M E34611500 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00023
24 Xu Jun 徐俊 M G42999570 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00024
25 Zhao Jia 赵嘉 M G27056910 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00025
26 Wang Xiao jiao 王晓娇 F G41759789 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00026
27 Wang Xiang yan 王香颜 F G35428044 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00027
28 Dai Bin 戴彬 M G25162924 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00028
29 Cai Jun hui 蔡俊慧 M G62013472 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00029
30 Li Qing guang 李青广 M G37003060 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00030
31 Lin Ze hong 林泽宏 M G39496403 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00031
32 Shi Teng qing 石藤青 M G33787177 MBA Apr-14 Completed 01MBAF-2014-02-00032
33 Li Wan rui 李万锐 M G22411722 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00033
34 Liu Hai ting 刘海婷 F G41257076 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00034
35 Jiang Jia kun 江家坤 F G53057096 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00035
36 Zhan Zi chao 詹子超 M E10010072 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00036
37 Dong Yu hao 董宇浩 M G51309538 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00037
38 Lu Shu ming 卢术明 M G25658243 MBA Apr-14 Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201402-00038


2nd batch of MBA from HKCI  (June 2014)
No. English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Date of submission Remark Student ID
1 Jiang xiuli 江秀丽 F G50390783 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00015
2 Liu xiaolong 刘小龙 M E16860660 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00024
3 Huang li 黄丽 F G58919971 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00012
4 Liu bin  刘斌 M E12195278 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00028
5 He weijiang 何卫江 M G42297756 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00011
6 Guo Lei 郭蕾 F E16630663 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00008
7 Huang ziwei 黄紫薇 F G38281082 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00013
8 Zhang jieting 张洁婷 M E18070059 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00044
9 liang jie 梁杰 M E18976380 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00021
10 Zhuang JieNing 庄洁宁 F G45958766 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00045
11 Min LiHui 闵丽慧 F G22049654 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00032
12 Li xiaodong 李晓东 M G38296743 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00017
13 Feng chao 奉超 M G27096402 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00007
14 Liu yan ru 刘晏如 F G40774181 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00025
15 Liu yang 刘洋 M E10008389 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00026
16 Mo wei yi 莫伟毅 M G44010695 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00033
17 Guo Zhihua 郭志华 M G47206215 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00009
18 Chen wancui 陈晚翠 F E05511250 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00004
19 Luo shiying 罗石英 M E09339595 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00030
20 liu guo 刘果 F G39243165 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00023
21 liang tianwei 梁天卫 M G44498998 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00019
22 Liao lina 廖利娜 F G54081564 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00020
23 Liu feng 刘枫 F G52357733 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00022
24 TU lianqiu 涂恋秋 F G22835110 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00037
25 Chen zhongyuan 陈中元 M G32620521 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00006
26 Wang Lei 王磊 F G46571389 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00038
27 Bao Jun 鲍骏 F G25423527 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00001
28 Lv QiMing 吕启明 M G35175680 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00029
29 Wang Tian Heng 王天衡 M E16811216 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00040
30 Chen Hua 陈桦 F E11414142 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00002
31 Wang LiCheng 王利成 M E28751414 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00039
32 Lu Ke 卢科 M E18428872 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00027
33 He Wenjing 何雯静 F G50549681 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00010
34 Li Ying 李莹 F G22633051 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00018
35 Chen Tao 陈涛 M G20917820 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00003
36 Meng lei 孟磊 M G58074157 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00031
37 Li songyue 李松岳 M G29672702 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00016
38 Sun weifei 孙伟飞 F E34606165 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00035
39 Sun Xiaolin 孙笑临 M E17006194 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00036
40 Xie Shaoqing 谢少青 M G21023167 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00042
41 Chen Weizhi 陈伟志 M E07657464 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00005
42 Yuan Feng 袁锋 M E29061862 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00043
43 Ruan Zhenhua 阮振华 M G24543295 MBA May 10th May 2014 Active 01MBAF-201405-00034
44 Jia Zhishen 贾志伸 M G61056207 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00014
45 Xiao yao 肖遥 M E02158598 MBA May 10th May 2014 Completed 01MBAF-201405-00041


3rd batch of MBA from HKCI (August 2014)
No. English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Status Student ID
1 SHEN JIN LIANG 沈金良 M E17133799 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00062
2 LI JIAN GUANG 李剑光 M E34577391 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00055
3 GUO ZHI LONG 郭志龙 M G60124474 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00051
4 JIANG HUI 江辉 M E17164147 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00053
5 JIN YU JI 金雨霁 F G37739083 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00054
6 LIU TING 刘挺 M G60107898 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00057
7 NI YONG HUA 倪永华 M G50403723 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00059
8 RUAN SHUAI 阮帅 M E04749004 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00060
9 TAN JING JING 谭敬敬 F E27992862 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00064
10 ZHANG SUO CHANG 张锁昌 M E17164602 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00072
11 ZHANG MING WEI 章明伟 M G38925880 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00071
12 YAN XIN 颜欣 F G25481202 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00068
13 GU JIE FENG 顾杰峰 M G35337316 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00049
14 BAO JIN PING 包金萍 F G58455458 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00046
15 Zhang chao 张潮 M E24002987 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00070
16 Gu Wen 顾闻 M E30532172 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00050
17 Shao shan pu 邵善璞 M G54605463 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00061
18 Zhang Bing shan 张丙山 M G38268396 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00069
19 Song Dan 宋丹 F G46444532 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00063
20 Min Nan Nan 闵南南 F G42943397 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00058
21 Liu Jin Yi 刘金一 M E04739793 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00056
22 Wu Yun 吴云 F E17635410 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00066
23 Chen Hao 陈浩 M E31554658 MBA Aug Completed 01MBAF-201405-00047
24 XU ZHEN 徐震 M E19218103 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00067
25 DENG WEI 邓  薇 F G28833482 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00048
26 WANG ZHEN HE 王振贺 M E28850276 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00065
27 JIANG HONG 江  红 F G57695140 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201405-00052


  4th batch of MBA from HKCI (Oct 2014)
NO English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport Programme Intake Status Student ID
1 Lu Yang 路杨 F E33085323 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00092
2 Yan Yu 闫煜 M E26594782 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00124
3 Tong Tai Guang 仝太广 M E17128192 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00105
4 Huang Le 黄乐 F G44991062 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00081
5 Lin Wen Hai 林文海 M G61732194 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00089
6 Wu Qian 吴茜 F G56102322 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00118
7 Zhang Jing Feng 张敬峰 M G21728750 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00129
8 Luo Hai Xia 罗海霞 F G39019110 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00094
9 Wang Guang Yi 汪广懿 F G49725481 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00107
10 Zhao Li Hua 赵丽华 F E22263226 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00134
11 Sun Ji Wen 孙骥文 M G14486057 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00101
12 Mao Liu Hong 毛柳红 F G30346137 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00097
13 Yu Su Ying 于苏颖 F G18783237 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00126
14 WANG JI 王  伋 M G54543304 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00108
15 YANG WEN DONG 杨文东 M G24819231 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00125
16 HUANG HE PING 黄和平 M E34533192 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00080
17 DENG HUA WEI 邓华威 M E06484329 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00075
18 LI HUAN 李  峘 M G32948699 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00084
19 LI LI GANG 李立刚 M G37686877 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00086
20 ZHANG WEN LING 张文玲 F E04738341 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00131
21 LIU GUANG MING 刘光明 M G21136622 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00090
22 SHI HAO DONG 史昊东 M E15615496 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00099
23 LU AI JUN 陆爱军 M G44752625 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00091
24 LI QING SONG 李青松 M E12167144 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00087
25 WANG LIN 王  琳 F G39420224 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00109
26 WANG ZHUO 王  卓 F G20483295 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00115
27 Zhang Jingjing 张晶晶 F G29355587 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00130
28 MIAO REN YUAN 缪任远 M G59311366 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00098
29 ZHANG GUANG PING 张光平 M G32770036 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00128
30 DONG KAI NAN 董凯楠 M G32779063 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00076
31 ZENG JIAN GEN 曾建根 M E38839624 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00127
32 ZHANG XIAO DONG 张晓东 M E02177256 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00132
33 WANG YA DI 王亚娣 F G35321506 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00113
34 ZHONG WEI BO 钟维波 M G52156842 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00135
35 JIANG YANG SHUI 江养水 M E37277550 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00083
36 WU NING XI 吴宁茜 F G24281376 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00117
37 WANG ZHE 王喆 F E21873040 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00114
38 CHEN YI QIANG 陈艺强 M E25349639 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00074
39 WU XIN ZHOU 吴歆舟 M G50925530 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00120
40 WU WAN YU 吴婉玉 F G54552227 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00119
41 XUE XIE 薛燮 M G36808603 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00123
42 LI XIAN QIAO 李先巧 M G48853586 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00088
43 TANG JING 唐靖 M G31747705 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00104
44 luo feng 骆 峰 M E35040908 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00093
45 he  yan 何 岩 M E36321917 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00079
46 wang xiao ming 王晓明 M E36314813 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00112
47 shi zhi lei 史志磊 M E68893353 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00100
48 gao teng 高 腾 M 650102197507066510 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00078
49 xi  min 席 敏 M E15374747 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00121
50 Li jie bing 李杰冰 M E12974696 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00085
51 wang  bo 王 博 M G48940818 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00106
52 wang peng 王 鹏 M E39893634 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00110
53 wang wei long 王威龙 M E09190595 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00111
54 fang ting ting 方婷婷 F E48110694 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00077
55 jiang feng 姜 峰 M G46424192 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00082
56 ma xue dong 马学东 M E15364702 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00096
57 xu yan ping 徐艳萍 F E14066088 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00122
58 SUN LING 孙玲 F G55939177 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00102
59 WEI SHUANG JV 魏双菊 F E12352466 MBA Oct Active HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00116
60 ZHANG YAN JUN 张燕军 F  G49587724 MBA Oct Completed HKCI-01MBAF-201405-00133


  5th batch of MBA from HKCI (Dec 2014)
No. English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Status Student ID
1 LI YAN TONG 李艳彤 F E38713438 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00147
2 WU YAN FANG 吴艳芳 F E29275262 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00158
3 WU KAI HONG 武开洪 M 520201197403014118 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00156
4 WANG HUI 王慧 M G52081527 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00154
5 DING DUAN 丁 煅 M E19627915 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00141
6 WU YUN 吴 云 M E66184380 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00159
7 CHEN KAI 陈 凯 M E38097538 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00137
8 TAN WEI 谭 巍 M E38623201 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00152
9 JIANG CHUN 江 春 M E37614428 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00145
10 FU KUN 付 昆 M G32332130 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00142
11 TAN ZHONG QIN 谭中琴 F G29489738 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00153
12 ZHOU ZHENG 周 郑 F E05611976 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00165
13 LU HAN WEI 卢涵伟 M G60488480 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00149
14 WEI DONG 魏 东 M G35335303 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00166
15 DENG BO PING 邓伯平 M E42171171 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00140
16 BAO WEN JING 鲍文静 F E22080308 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00136
17 PENG SHUBIN 彭淑斌 F G43226205 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00150
18 HE CHENGQIANG 何承强 M G44526695 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00143
19 AN FU RONG 安芙蓉 F G46328873 MBA Oct Completed 01MBAF-201405-00073
20 LUO TAO  罗 涛 M G42299719 MBA Oct Completed 01MBAF-201405-00095
21 QI YINXIANG 祁银香 F G46884032 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00151
22 WU DAN 吴 丹 F E21472075 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00155
23 ZHAO WEI 赵 威 M G56601090 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00163
24 YANG XIAO 杨 啸 M G52105445 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00160
25 LI JIA YI  李佳忆 F G48701296 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00146
26 WU YAN CHEN 武彦臣 M E00172310 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00157
27 LIU HUA 刘  华 F G27289719 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00148
28 CHEN ZHICONG 陈志聪 M G36332783 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00138
29 CHENG JIABIN 程家斌 M G13515419 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00139
30  ZHANG RAN 张然 M G22046813 MBA Dec Active 01MBAF-201405-00164
31 ZHANG LI HUA 张丽花 F E03382113 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00162
32 ZHANG JIN YU 张津瑜 F G35303824 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00161
33  HU JINGXIAN 胡静娴 F E24711545 MBA Dec Completed 01MBAF-201405-00144
34 QIAO JIAN MIN 乔建民 M E11733570 DBA Dec Active 01DBAF-201405-00169
35 OU BIN 欧  滨 M G55943228 DBA Dec Active 01DBAF-201405-00170
Year 2015
6th batch of MBA from HKCI (Feb 2015)
No. English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Status student ID
1 ZHU WAN HUA 朱晚华 M G40815411 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00030
2 HE MING 何明 M 441481199208120014 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00004
3 ZHAO XIAO 赵笑 F E05563468 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00026
4 ZHANG JIAN WEI 张建伟 M W70242912 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00022
5 ZHANG KUN CHENG 张坤成 M 441423198204244433 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00023
6 HUANG JING JING 黄晶晶 F G22059081 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00006
7 ZHAO CHONG YE 赵崇业 M E33505989 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00024
8 YE YIN 叶茵 F E32978138 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00021
9 HUANG LI HONG 黄理红 M G53904002 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00007
10 YAN YAN 闫燕 F E24913309 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00019
11 KE ZE PENG 柯泽鹏 M E32488958 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00009
12 ZHAO HUI LIN 赵慧琳 F G55223250 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00025
13 LI RI BO 李日波 M E28129621 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00010
14 PAN FAN 潘璠 F G29233868 MBA Feb Completed 01MBAF-201501-00015
15 HAN RONG 韩荣 F G39570239 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00003
16 LIN XIAO JING 林小婧 F G54097306 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00013
17 HUANG WEI KUN 黄伟坤 M 441322198409235811 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00008
18 HUANG CHANG YING 黄长营 M E04306974 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00005
19 LI YUE 李岳 M 410402198808025516 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00011
20 WANG LIN 王琳 F 430981198510288344 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00018
21 LIANG DONG 梁冬 M 440823198107102733 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00012
22 BU RUI 步瑞 F 130102197112220446 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00001
23 WANG BO 王博 F 220106198604150626 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00017
24 PU XUE MEI 普雪梅 F G25268422 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201405-00171
25 CHEN YING 陈颖 F G39592531 MBA Feb Completed 01MBAF-201405-00172
26 Gong Ling 宫玲 F 340403198207201623 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201405-00173
27 ZHU ZHICHAO 朱智超 M E43612713 MBA Feb Completed 01MBAF-201405-00174
28 WANG YUE 王玥 F G52245473 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201405-00175
29 SONG YU LI 宋瑜丽 F G34014622 MBA Feb Completed 01MBAF-201405-00176
30 XIAO YAN MIN 肖燕敏 F G55971320 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201405-00177
31 LIANG CHEN 梁晨 M 310109197709140455 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201405-00178
32 LIN YUTING 林玉婷 F 342601198605310227 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201405-00179
33 LV WENMIN 吕文敏 F 440301198006177546 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201405-00180
34 Zhu Guotao 朱国涛 M E22799944 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00029
35 Zhu Zhanxiang 朱占祥 M 372426197207123212 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00031
36 Sun Zetong 孙泽通 M E43203546 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00016
37 YANG YE NA 杨叶娜 F E38869975 MBA Feb Completed 01MBAF-201501-00020
38 LUO YI HUA 罗益华 M G21991252 MBA Feb Completed 01MBAF-201501-00014
39 ZHENG HONG 郑 宏 M E22365870 MBA Feb Completed 01MBAF-201501-00027
40 ZHONG ZI BIAO 钟子标 M E29543610 MBA Feb Active 01MBAF-201501-00028
41 DENG JIAN 邓健 M G24447089 MBA Feb Active 01MBAD-201501-00002
42 QI DE GUO 戚德国 M E25462599 DBA Dec Active 01DBAF-201501-00032


7th batch of MBA from HKCI (April 2015)
English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Status student ID
Mao Qicheng 毛启程 M E38911575 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00018
Yu Yong 俞勇 M G36096091 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00037
Yuan Kun 袁坤 M G27556907 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00038
Fu Sen 付森 M E29465850 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00005
Zhang Xiaojian 张小健 M G46177244 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00040
Zhao Kai 赵凯 M E13062894 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00042
Li Li 李漓 F G27691515 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00010
Qian YanHua 钱艳花 F E00716811 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00020
Shen Fan 沈凡 M G58823300 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00023
Liao DongSun 廖冬笋 F E10658459 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00011
Xia LiYun 夏俪芸 F E44978698 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00032
Lin ZhenWen 林贞文 M E12361789 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00012
Meng Xia 蒙霞 F E26038856 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00019
Su LiHua 苏丽华 F E36020143 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00024
Chen GuiYuan 陈桂圆 F 612522198708143021 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00001
Wang YinJun 王胤钧 M 610102198807063116 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00028
Sha YuanShuang 沙园双 F    230302197407026223 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00022
Chen HaiLong 陈海龙 M    230823198202251113 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00002
Zheng Wei 郑炜 M E12242037 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00043
Dong Yi Jie 董一杰 M G31914210 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00003
Xu QingZhong 徐庆忠 M E40573212 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00034
Yao HuiFen 姚慧芬 F G28443067 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00035
Huang JianGuo 黄建国 M 510902197905112298 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00009
Fan Ping 范萍 F E17800957 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00004
Tang WenXi 汤文曦 F E28775606 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00026
Liu Tong 刘通 M G57451222 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00014
HUANG BEI 黄 蓓 F G42238911 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00008
XU LEI 徐 磊 M G61078806 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00033
LU ZHANG HUI 卢樟辉 M E50173008 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00016
LIU QUAN XIN 刘全新 M E12219179 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00013
ZHU BEN QIAO 朱本巧 M E04204203 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00045
WU MING ZHU 吴明珠 F G45648948 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00030
ZHOU PING 周 平 M E31034924 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00044
WU XIAO JIE 吴晓杰 M G54602215 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00031
YE SHENG QIANG 叶圣强 M E48223815 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00036
Tang jianmei 唐建梅 F G30227182 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00025
Liu Weiping 刘卫平 F 654101198007030265 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00015
Guo Yichen 郭亦晨 F 654301199305153920 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00007
Zhang Yong 张  勇 M 650105197602262615 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00041
Wang Ping 王  萍 F 650104197205201708 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00027
Zhang Li 张  莉 F E70157115 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00039
Ma Hui 马  慧 F E62523643 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00017
Ru XiaoJun 茹晓俊 F E00162435 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00021
Guo Bei Yuan 郭倍源 M E00162205 MBA 14-Apr Active 01MBAF-201502-00006
Wu Li 吴  丽 F E00171385 MBA 14-Apr Completed 01MBAF-201502-00029


8th Batch of MBA from HKCI (June 2015)
No English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Status student ID
1 Wei Shuiying 魏水英 F G37854551 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00026
2 Xu Weiwei 徐伟巍 M G25704400 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00032
3 Tang Songbo 唐松柏 M 430626198106057332 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00024
4 Gong Tianbao 龚天保 M G50633991 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00011
5 Xiao Zhiping 肖治萍 F G31020576 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00028
6 Zhao Jinlong 赵金龙 M G49209973 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00043
7 An YuMei 安玉梅 F G29350839 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00001
8 Dong EnXi 董恩熙 M E52883796 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00007
9 Liu JiaXuan 刘家瑄 M G54668842 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00015
10 Xing YanBing 邢燕兵 M G52315090 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00030
11 Ye XiaoYi 叶晓义 M G44848752 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-000036
12 Li JunYan 李俊艳 M G54311834 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00013
13 Yang SongShou 杨松寿 M G55932237 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00034
14 Zhang  Na 张娜 F E48710489 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00040
15 Nie Chuan 聂川 M G21778774 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00020
16 Liu ZhiFeng 刘智峰 M E28122209 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00016
17 Chen ZhuoBin 陈卓斌 M 440602197612310632 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00006
18 Xiao ZhiYong 肖志勇 M 440106197011150053 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00029
19 Li XinFang 李新芳 F 610102197505091221 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00014
20 Chen ZheXiong 陈泽雄 M 440582198208251635 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00004
21 Lv XiaoYan 吕小燕 F E01664996 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00019
22 Cai Xiaoliang 蔡小亮 M E46846367 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00003
23 Wei Li 魏莉 F G36345387 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00025
24 Song YingYing 宋颖鹰 M G26329095 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00022
25 Xu JunJun 徐俊珺 F G49999274 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00031
26 Zhang GuoXin 张国新 M 320926197009136991 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00041
27 Chen ZhiGang 陈之刚 M 320520197504263015 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00005
28 FENG YIGEN 冯亦根 M G34106135 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00010
29 SHEN MEI 沈妹 F G39871138 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00021
30 DONG SHUQIN 董淑芹 F G43175159 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00009
31 YU CHAO 虞超 M 330782199404130216 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00037
32 YU MIN 余敏 F E27106514 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00038
33 LOU WEILI 楼维莉 F G50859708 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00017
34 SONG YUEJIN 宋跃进 M 342221197311236534 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00023
35 LV CHEN 吕晨 M E51323215 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00018
36 GUAN HAITAO 管海涛 M 342425199202153719 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00012
37 WEN PENGJU 温鹏举 M 620503198212244778 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00027
38 CHEN SHENGXIAN 陈圣仙 F E00889271 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00002
39 YANG JUNFENG 杨君峰 M G54469555 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00033
40 DONG QINQIN 董琴琴 F G26278185 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00008
41 ZENG LEI 曾磊 M 320106198304193214 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00039
42 YANG YANG 杨洋 M E15056517 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00035
43 ZHANG LULU 张露露 F 320105197506201621 MBA 15-Jun Active 01MBAF-201503-00042
44 Zhang JunShen 张俊深 M G41475137 DBA 15-Jun Active 01DBA-201503-00044
45 zhang Miao 张淼 M G35265854 DBA 15-Jun Active 01DBA-201503-00045


9th Batch of MBA from HKCI (Aug 2015)
English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Status student ID
Wang Kai Jun 王开军 M G39985033 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00046
Yang Yang 杨洋 M G57192250 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00047
Wu Jiang 吴江 M G57209405 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00048
Jiao Yu 焦彧 M G41114278 DBA Aug Active 01DBAF-201503-00091
Yu Rong 余榕 F G21666593 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00049
Zhang Zhenjin 张振劲 M 441202198507313018 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00050
Yang En Ming 杨恩铭 M G54577743 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00051
Chen Jia Fa 陈加发 M E58338648 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00052
Lin Li 林莉 F G43559889 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00053
Peng Shuai 彭帅 F E46382465 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00054
Li Zhi Han 李芷函 F E04024293 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00055
Lv Jin Wang 吕锦旺 M G26241801 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00056
Wu Huai Li 吴怀礼 M E11178772 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00057
Feng Huan Zhang 冯焕章 M E51459975 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00058
Xu Xiu Yan 许秀燕 F G61128810 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00059
NG, Tin Kwan 吴殿群 M HA1323060 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00060
Zheng You Qing 郑有庆 M G37447750 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00061
Wu Mao Dong 吴茂东 M G51215648 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00062
Xu Mao Ping 许茂平 M G53903013 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00063
Ding Xiao Mo 丁小漠 M G39409487 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00064
Deng Shu Wei 邓树伟 M E35008901 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00065
Wu Zheng Gang 吴正刚 M G35051727 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00066
Liu Lin 刘琳 F G47171927 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00067
Chen Xue Yin 陈雪茵 F E23994427 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00068
Zhu Rong 朱榕 M G44743433 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00069
Li Li Ping 黎丽萍 F 440883198609211143 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00070
Li Yong Mou 李勇谋 M 441283198612080373 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00071
Song Ni Na 宋妮娜 F E23879460 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00072
Qiu Fei 邱菲 F G27993918 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00073
Wei Yu 韦禹 M G43830793 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00074
Chen Li Guo 陈立国 M 441302198703271017 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00075
Zhu Jian Kun 朱建坤 M 44182719820928567X MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00076
Lu Xiao Yan 卢晓燕 F E05563510 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00077
Li Jin Wen 黎金文 M 441827198702108378 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00078
Xu Shu Yi 许淑仪 F G39854537 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00079
Li Xiao Wen 利晓雯 F 441302198710045421 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00080
Li Dan 李丹 F 220381198003010426 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00081
Chen Jie Qiong 陈洁琼 F G42994749 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00082
Li Ya Hong 李亚红 F E30607137 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00083
Liu Fang 刘方 M G61869958 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00084
Wang Huan 王欢 F G43498726 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00085
Xie Xiang 谢翔 M G57137940 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00086
Cai Si Jing 蔡思静 F E22449062 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00087
Li Gui Fang 黎贵芳 F E04898878 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00088
Tan Ying Yi 谭颖仪 F E12943259 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00089
Ke Xiong 柯雄 M 420322198806176910 MBA Aug Active 01MBAF-201503-00090

 10th Batch of MBA from HKCI (Oct 2015)

No. English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Program Intake Status Student ID
1 CHEN XUE MEI 陈雪梅 F E34558308 MBA 15-Oct Active 01MBAF-201504-00007
2 ZHANG JIN 张瑾 F E59609599 MBA 15-Oct Active 01MBAF-201504-00004
3 QU YU PING 曲玉萍 F G41850448 MBA 15-Oct Active 01MBAF-201504-00005
4 XIAO QING 肖庆 F G54914507 MBA 15-Oct Active 01MBAF-201504-00008
5 YU FANG 余芳 F G27691622 MBA 15-Oct Active 01MBAF-201504-00006
6 DONG YI 董亿 F G42154285 MBA 15-Oct Active 01MBAF-201504-00003
7 LIU YING 刘英 F G27245967 MBA 15-Oct Active 01MBAF-201504-00002
8 YAN QING 颜清 M G49083824 MBA 15-Oct Active 01MBAF-201504-00001



11th Batch of MBA from HKCI (Dec 2015)
No Chinese Name Sex Passport NO. Program Intake Status Student ID
1 张小红 F G41119745 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050001
2 肖平 M E22319633 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050002
3 黄裕中 M G25423495 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050003
4 武传彦 F E23121872 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050004
5 张王燕 F G52100326 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050005
6 章红霞 F E64259983 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050006
7 曾小宁 M G60007659 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050007
8 云强 M G26319724 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050008
9 许竑劼 F G33445580 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050009
10 王小平 F E12160534 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050010
11 荆竞 M 321181198702091513 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050011
12 何越 F E18882276 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050012
13 邓小霞 F 350429198604276026 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050013
14 鲍姚佩 F G21440720 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050014
15 陈荣 M E18617126 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050015
16 陈治 F E42203389 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050016
17 邓京 M E53282339 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050017
18 蒋宇 M G56701389 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050018
19 唐慧婷 F E23840406 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050019
20 曾燕梅 F G41970638 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050020
21 张乐文 M K03721181 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050021
22 章樱 F G60987566 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050022
23 朱智慧 F E46086252 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050023
24 王申圣 M G54495900 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050024
25 高静 F G27877879 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050025
26 赖翠叶 F G20684820 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050026
27 邓先花 F G48191581 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050027
28 康堃 M G24421044 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050028
29 肖杰 M E51215724 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050029
30 宋江 M E04941225 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050030
31 周国华 M G37493015 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050031
32 张欢 F E56555915 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050032
33 张颖 F G36669158 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050033
34 钱进 M G40790788 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050034
35 吴刚 M G41036832 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050035
36 王吉华 M 360421197809064015 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050036
37 张东辉 M E41047551 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050037
38 安岚 F G26396859 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050038
39 李春艳 M E04527064 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050039
40 黄志强 M E32454278 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050040
41 姚学文 M G31434978 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050041
42 高鹏 M E06005107 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050042
43 颜灵辉 M G42070469 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050043
44 方连升 M G25791224 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050044
45 陈敏虹 F E56621608 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050045
46 徐杰 M E49885184 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050046
47 向芸 F G41184405 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050047
48 周晓丹 F G55492475 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050048
49 王成贤 M E47062187 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050049
50 叶华 M G51821986 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050050
51 慎子欢 M E10433382 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050051
52 施晓菁 F E32291563 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050052
53 陈翔 M G51811986 MBA 15-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050053
54 陈燕华 F E26613945 MBA 16-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050054
55 樊榕 F E67886549 MBA 17-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050055
56 胡治平 F E50284187 MBA 18-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050056
57 贾卫东 M G20906008 MBA 19-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050057
58 江明桥 M G52719137 MBA 20-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050058
59 王先涛 M E65562444 MBA 21-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050059
60 王勇 M G41871733 MBA 22-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050060
61 熊雅 F G59827676 MBA 23-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050061
62 杨婧 F G35355930 MBA 24-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050062
63 于思梦 F E39376273 MBA 25-Dec Active 01MBAF2015050063
64 倪俊 M G32632048 DBA 26-Dec Active 01DBAF2015050001
65 李想 M G50234530 DBA 15-Dec Active 01DBAF2015050002
66 张 (日韦) M G29079545 DBA 15-Dec Active 01DBAF2015050003
Year 2016
12th Batch of MBA from HKCI (Feb 2016)
No. English Name Sex Passport No. Program Intake Status Student ID
1 XING DE WANG M G48654700 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00067
2 ZHAI GUAN LIN M G44731929 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00068
3 WANG YING F E67505025 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00069
4 JIA YING F G57864016 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00070
5 Fan Xian Feng M G37017015 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00071
6 TANG GUO XIANG F G31092971 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00072
7 XIE HUA LING F E31497887 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00073
8 LI WEI QI F E49392020 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00074
9 GUO QI LUO M 440181198906301216 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00075
10 Liu  cheng  ji M E34785741 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00076
11 Yao Jian rong M G58909743 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00077
12 Chen Heng Fei F G31449364 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00078
13 CHEN SHAOZHUANG M E48610565 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00079
14 Huang Shaofeng M E50880178 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00080
15 Zhang Ziyang M E67745218 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00081
16 Han Xinhong M E63059306 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00082
17 Hong Zhijian M G32557164 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00083
18 Wu Jinliang M 142429198807021210 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00084
19 Yang Guang M G25171099 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00085
20 Wang Ciliang M 430322197303096035 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00086
21 Wang Jun F E65124291 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00087
22 CHEN QIU YAN F E33453718 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00088
23 YANG CHEN F E15158457 MBA 16-Feb Active 01MBAF-201603-00089
24 PENG SUN M QI014567 DBA 16-Feb Active 01DBAF-201603-00090
25 Zhu Feng M E31389796 DBA 16-Feb Active 01DBAF-201603-00091

13th Batch of MBA from HKCI (April 2016)

No. English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Programme Intake Stutas student ID
1 Jiang manwen 江曼雯 F E18252732 MBA April’2016 Active
2 Zhuang qiuying 庄秋影 F G54820331 MBA April’2016 Active
3 Liu wei 刘  薇 F G24073646 MBA April’2016 Active
4 Jia ruihong 贾瑞红 F E28130203 MBA April’2016 Active
5 Guan yue 关悦 F E00975666 MBA April’2016 Active
6 Wang Beibei 王蓓蓓 F G26612075 MBA April’2016 Active
7 Zou Xintong 邹欣彤 F E18563994 MBA April’2016 Active
8 Yan Yan 闫岩 F G41269811 MBA April’2016 Active
9 Peng Min 彭敏 F G27118447 MBA April’2016 Active
10 Zhang Yufan 张玉帆 F E19453525 MBA April’2016 Active
11 Wang Hua 王华 M E10674316 MBA April’2016 Active
12 Luo Junjie 罗俊杰 M G37013995 MBA April’2016 Active
13 Xu Tian Li 徐天力 M G50463926 MBA April’2016 Active
14 Li Ren Fei 李仁飞 M E38403124 MBA April’2016 Active
15 Xu Xiao Qing 徐小青 F G31957166 MBA April’2016 Active
16 Dong Yu Xiang 董宇翔 M G54651948 MBA April’2016 Active
17 Liang Liang 梁樑 M G51707757 MBA April’2016 Active
18 Mao Deyu 毛德煜 M G40808070 MBA April’2016 Active
19 Tang Caiyuan 汤彩媛 F E52784414 MBA April’2016 Active
20 Zhang Bin 张彬 M E38537806 MBA April’2016 Active
21 yu qing 吁晴 F E04762020 MBA April’2016 Active
22 Xia Xinglong 夏兴隆 M 513029197109195030 MBA April’2016 Active
23 Luo Chaoping 罗朝平 M G61131784 MBA April’2016 Active
24 Wang Qun 王群 F E11651868 MBA April’2016 Active
25 Li Po 李坡 F E21017496 MBA April’2016 Active
26 Sun Jun 孙军 M G58556129 MBA April’2016 Active
27 Qian Min Yi 钱旻毅 M E37052675 MBA April’2016 Active
28 Liu Si Yu 刘思宇 M G39509365 MBA April’2016 Active
29 Che Xiao Hui 车晓慧 F E25429345 MBA April’2016 Active
30 liu ding yu 刘丁瑜 M E22995777 MBA April’2016 Active
31 wu wei 吴伟 M G49556006 MBA April’2016 Active
32 Liu Zhi 刘智 M G25825984 MBA April’2016 Active
33 Jiang Min 蒋敏 M G42797275 MBA April’2016 Active
34 liu chu jia 刘楚嘉 M E76214461 MBA April’2016 Active
35 CHANG JIN HUA 畅晋华 F G56632109 MBA April’2016 Active
36 CHEN XIN CHUN 陈新春 F E41865284 MBA April’2016 Active
37 JI XIAO DONG 季孝东 M 310115198310224034 MBA April’2016 Active
38 NI ZHEN YU 倪震宇 M E11156444 MBA April’2016 Active
39 SHI HUI 施慧 F G44364246 MBA April’2016 Active
40 WANG QI WEN 王奇文 F G52967866 MBA April’2016 Active
41 XU YIN DA 徐寅达 M G44069108 MBA April’2016 Active
42 XUAN DONG 宣东 F E07458898 MBA April’2016 Active
43 YANG XUN 杨汛 M G40960065 MBA April’2016 Active
44 ZHANG MEI QIN 张美琴 F E01351499 MBA April’2016 Active
45 JIANG ZHOU 江舟 M E04440534 MBA April’2016 Active
46 PAN HONG WEI 潘宏伟 F G61629396 MBA April’2016 Active
47 CHEN XIU YUN 陈秀云 F E76400436 MBA April’2016 Active
48 LI BO WEN 李博文 M E33237554 MBA April’2016 Active
49 zou xiumeng 邹秀萌 W E20348892 MBA April’2016 Active
50 Yang yang 杨洋 W G51479869 MBA April’2016 Active
51 Zhang hui 张辉 M E44544546 MBA April’2016 Active
52 Tan huizhong 谭惠中 W G34922752 MBA April’2016 Active
53 Cao long 曹龙 M G43482075 MBA April’2016 Active
54 Zhang liping 张丽萍 W G35945967 MBA April’2016 Active
55 Fan guangsheng 范关胜 M 440921198704058331 MBA April’2016 Active
56 Chen Xiaobo 陈小波 M E131069468 MBA April’2016 Active
57 Zhao Shulei 赵舒蕾 F E22078544 MBA April’2016 Active
58 Yang Wenbo 杨文博 M G37863479 MBA April’2016 Active
59 Xie Wenge 谢文革 M G47920312 MBA April’2016 Active
60 Wen Congyang 温从杨 M G42072129 MBA April’2016 Active
61 Han Shilong 韩世龙 M 34082619710123033X MBA April’2016 Active
62 Feng Zhuomin 冯卓民 M G61102939 MBA April’2016 Active
63 Jiang Lianghuan 蒋良欢 M E46655498 MBA April’2016 Active
64 zhang guo ping 张国平 M 330226197906306552 MBA April’2016 Active
65 GuoLei 郭磊 M E28754243 MBA April’2016 Active
66 Tang Wei 汤伟 M E25376110 MBA April’2016 Active
67 Zhi HaiJun 支海军 M E68995100 MBA April’2016 Active
68 Xu Jing 许静 F E33079198 MBA April’2016 Active
69 Xu MeiGen 徐美艮 F E19811987 MBA April’2016 Active
70 Liu Yan 刘燕 F E33844867 MBA April’2016 Active
71 Tang CongXu 汤从旭 M 320826199006056615 MBA April’2016 Active
72 Wang Ning 王宁 M G60960865 MBA April’2016 Active
73 Yi JingJing 易晶晶 F 360101198809096028 MBA April’2016 Active
74 Wang ShiChao 汪世超 F G45403630 MBA April’2016 Active
75 Liu Liang 刘亮 M 32010219830831951x MBA April’2016 Active
76 Yuan ShiZhou 袁士洲 M 320923198403180953 MBA April’2016 Active
77 Cao Yanfei 曹艳飞 M 420202197809190819 MBA April’2016 Active
78 Chen YuPing 陈宇平 M G22347901 DBA April’2016 Active
xx batch of MBA from SWUFE Jul-16
No. English Name Chinese Name Sex Passport No. Student ID Programme Intake Date of submission Remark
拼音名 中文名 性别 身份证号 学生证号码 MBA 入学日期 提交日期 备注
1 Completed Docs
2 Hongtao,CAI 蔡洪涛 210104197404065217 01MBAF-201502-00050 4/28/2015 成都1
3 CAI Wenya 蔡文雅 51290219761101167x 01MBAF-201502-00058 4/28/2015 成都1
4 Sheng ZENG 曾胜 510112197309220339 01MBAF-201502-00055 4/28/2015 成都1
5 DENG Side 邓思德 510230197408143736 01MBAF-201502-00057 4/28/2015 成都1
6 GAO Feng 高峰 640103197110251237 01MBAF-201502-00048 4/28/2015 成都1
7 Wenyuan HE 何文元 512927197412193973 01MBAF-201502-00059 4/28/2015 成都1
8 Bin HU 胡滨 622101198301031114 01MBAF-201502-00046 4/28/2015 成都1
9 Junjie HU 胡俊杰 513902198807150079 01MBAF-201502-00052 4/28/2015 成都1
10 HUA Yu 华玉 510322197010170027 01MBAF-201502-00065 4/28/2015 成都1
11 Zhixia HUANG 黄智霞 510623197106236724 01MBAF-201502-00068 4/28/2015 成都1
12 JI,Lin 姬林 513225198008300014 4/28/2015 成都1
13 Chunli LIU 刘春李 511502198611056829 01MBAF-201502-00047 4/28/2015 成都1
14 Shunyan Long 龙顺焱 511024197212025781 01MBAF-201502-00056 4/28/2015 成都1
15 Zeqi PENG 彭泽琦 511102198710160013 01MBAF-201502-00067 4/28/2015 成都1
16 QING,Guangya 卿光亚 510102195602060512 01MBAF-201502-00049 4/28/2015 成都1
17 Yi TANG 唐毅 513101198404180513 01MBAF-201502-00062 4/28/2015 成都1
18 jianping Zhang 张建萍 510112197906080020 01MBAF-201502-00051 4/28/2015 成都1
19  ZHAO Xudong 赵旭东 513021198102136453 01MBAF-201502-00061 4/28/2015 成都1
20 junyan ZHOU 周俊彦 510211197208249027 01MBAF-201502-00053 5/6/2015 成都1
21 Xiangyan Gong 龚翔燕 510321198705190049 01MBAF-201502-00060 5/6/2015 成都1
22 DENG ying 邓鹰 510102197012285366 01MBAF-201502-00063 5/6/2015 成都1
23 WANG you 王友 510121197504170011 01MBAF-201502-00064 5/6/2015 成都1
24 Tang yue 唐跃 513723198312072436 01MBAF-201502-00069 5/6/2015 成都1
25 MIAO Zhihua 苗志华 513723198203252438 01MBAF-201502-00070 5/6/2015 成都1
26 Wang Jun 王君 519004197008311328 01MBAF-201502-00071 5/6/2015 成都1
27 LI Xiaoqing 李小青 511011197708129363 01MBAF-201502-00072 5/6/2015 成都1
28 Wei Jinghan 魏靖函 510105199611140263 01MBAF-201502-00073 5/6/2015 成都1
29 LIAO Hui 廖辉 510602197910037652 01MBAF-201502-00074 5/6/2015 成都1
30 Sun Chengjun 孙成军 510602197405236335 01MBAF-201502-00075 5/6/2015 成都1
31 Liu Dazhi 刘大志 511023198111063672 01MBAF-201502-00080 6/1/2015 成都1
32 Long Yuangang 隆元刚 511025197209182619 01MBAF-201502-00082 6/1/2015 成都1
33 Li Bo 李  波 51072319820910285X 01MBAF-201502-00078 6/1/2015 成都1
34 Xian Xiaoke 先小科 510521197708051876 01MBAF-201502-00087 6/1/2015 成都1
35 Jia Jing 贾  静 513401198706250026 01MBAF-201502-00077 6/1/2015 成都1
36 Zeng Ying 曾  颖 511526199109180328 01MBAF-201502-00089 6/1/2015 成都1
37 Lin Fang 林  芳 360103197002062247 01MBAF-201502-00079 6/1/2015 成都1
38 He Zhaoxia 何朝霞 510922197612010349 01MBAF-201502-00076 6/1/2015 成都1
39 Xie Wenhao 谢文浩 510603198902017951 01MBAF-201502-00088 6/1/2015 成都1
40 Liu Xufeng 刘旭峰 140421197711053616 01MBAF-201502-00081 6/1/2015 成都1
41 Tan Ping 谭  平 510922197811220293 01MBAF-201502-00085 6/1/2015 成都1
42 Wei Yunbo 魏运波 513021197003060313 01MBAF-201502-00086 6/1/2015 成都1
43 Zhong Mingfu 钟明富 51052119701112721X 01MBAF-201502-00090 6/1/2015 成都1
44 Song Hang 宋  航 510107197605181775 01MBAF-201502-00084 6/1/2015 成都1
45 ZENG Fanqing 曾凡清 520102196812263453 6/1/2015 贵州
46 PAN Dingpu 潘丁普 510283198204205816 01MBAF-201502-00083 6/1/2015 成都1
47 Huang Lizhao 黄立朝 420921197509204657 01MBAF-201502-00093 7/8/2015 成都1
48 Tan Liqun 谭礼群 510105197602151041 01MBAF-201502-00094 7/8/2015 成都1
49 Jiang Zhikui 江之奎 510111196412153911 01MBAF-201502-00095 7/8/2015 成都1
50 Zhao Changshan 赵长山 512323197403220038 01MBAF-201502-00096 7/8/2015 成都1
51 Zhao Xianjun 赵先俊 512921197511273671 01MBAF-201502-00097 7/8/2015 成都1
52 Ye Yongsheng 叶永生 512532197409185111 01MBAF-201502-00098 7/8/2015 成都1
53 Chen Ke 陈  科 510104198012081678 01MBAF-201502-00099 7/8/2015 成都1
54 Peng Dan 彭  丹 513021198212158362 01MBAF-201502-00100 7/8/2015 成都1
55 Zhou Feng 周  峰 513021197403177553 01MBAF-201502-00101 7/8/2015 成都1
56 Luo Fuwen 罗福文 51113319670517001X 01MBAF-201502-00102 7/8/2015 成都1
57 Zhang Jian 张  健 510102197007046117 01MBAF-201502-00103 7/8/2015 成都1
58 Jing Maoping 景茂平 512501197702232939 01MBAF-201502-00104 7/8/2015 成都1
59 Xia Lunqi 夏伦齐 511023197609163190 01MBAF-201502-00105 7/8/2015 成都1
60 Wang Meiyuan 王梅源 51012219931222026X 8/20/2015 成都1
61 Xie Lihong 解莉红 511118197709101324 8/20/2015 成都1
62 Liu Ju 刘  菊 411321198407150142 8/20/2015 成都1
63 Tang Bo 唐  波 510902198704218895 8/20/2015 成都1
64 Li Yong 李  勇 510215196903271614 8/20/2015 成都1
65 Liu Xueyuan 刘雪原 522101196903031215 8/20/2015 贵州
66 Zhang Yunlin 张云林 510824196811014839 8/20/2015 成都1
67 Ju Zhenhao 居臻豪 510108197504051812 8/20/2015 成都1
68 Zhou Ling 周  令 411321198406070036 8/20/2015 成都1
69 Chen Hong 陈  洪 612423197807170611 8/20/2015 成都1
70 Gong Chao 龚  超 500231198806033398 8/20/2015 重庆
71 You Jianwu 尤建武 510211197005049017 8/20/2015 重庆
72 Zhang Xiaoyu 张晓宇 511321199306195614 8/20/2015 成都1
73 Zhang Wen 张  文 522228198601201914 8/20/2015 贵州
74 Chen chao 陈超 510107198711151777 10/10/2015 成都
75 Deng qiuyu 邓秋玉 512301197301214325 10/10/2015 重庆
76 Gan ling 甘玲 510215196906132521 10/10/2015 重庆
77 Huang qingyong 黄青勇 522122198308281210 10/10/2015 贵州
78 Kon fanpin 孔凡平 512322196804236996 10/10/2015 重庆
79 Li chunli 李春丽 510213198102081622 10/10/2015 重庆
80 Li zengze 李增泽 512322196309241878 10/10/2015 成都2
81 Li junqian 李俊乾 520103198805194811 10/10/2015 贵州
82 Li zhengbin 李正斌 513032197609213512 10/10/2015 重庆
83 Liang jincheng 梁金成 512222197012200011 10/10/2015 重庆
84 Liao kungui 廖坤桂 51062519770101044X 10/10/2015 成都1
85 Shen ziming 沈子明 520103194811013214 10/10/2015 贵州
86 Shi qingwei 石庆伟 522101196903031215 10/10/2015 贵州
87 Sun xingli 孙兴丽 510727198709100346 10/10/2015 成都1
88 Wan mei 万玫 51020319820105124X 10/10/2015 重庆
89 Wang hao 王豪 51253319720204561X 10/10/2015 成都2
90 Wu jinhua 吴进华 520103197205045631 10/10/2015 贵州
91 Ye benjun 叶本君 510214195706270021 10/10/2015 重庆
92 You jianwu 尤建武 510211197005049017 10/10/2015 重庆
93 Zhai guanying 翟冠英 510781198608209316 10/10/2015 成都2
94 Zhang wen 张文 522228198601201914 10/10/2015 贵州
95 Zhao qiang 赵强 520102196808040417 10/10/2015 贵州
96 Xu yang 徐杨 510107198105062168 10/10/2015 成都2
97 Yun zhi 云志 510722197702140832 10/10/2015 成都2
98 Xiao qi 肖琪 51252819721122001x 10/10/2015 成都2
99 Jiao lu 矫璐 512528198410120526 10/10/2015 成都2
100 Dong chunlei 董春雷 130124197003174514 10/28/2015 成都2
101 Luo linrao 罗林荛 511322198909048316 10/28/2015 贵州
102 Peng yanli 彭艳丽 520112198011093222 10/28/2015 贵州
103 Wang yuanjun 王远君 511027198111105057 10/28/2015 成都2
104 Guo ruixue 郭瑞雪 510124198505130023 10/28/2015 成都2
105 Zeng Bo 曾波 51112119660901007x 11/5/2015 成都2
106 Zeng Kewen 曾柯文 513822199108200051 11/5/2015 成都2
107 Su Bo 苏波 510122197209167692 11/5/2015 成都2
108 Wang Ping 汪平 510103197206270978 11/5/2015 成都2
109 Xiong Kejun 熊科俊 510502197607111412 11/5/2015 成都2
110 Yuan Jinding 袁金定 510213194703090227 11/5/2015 重庆
111 Zhang Hengrui 张恒瑞 511502198512050018 11/5/2015 成都2
112 Zhang Lingke 张玲珂 50010619860824212X 11/5/2015 重庆
113 Zhang Xinjiu 张新久 511025198409267371 11/5/2015 成都2
114 WANG Chunxia 王春霞 520111198212061247 11/13/2015 贵州
115 Hua Xue 华雪 510104198801210268 11/13/2015 成都2
116 YAN Shuangrui 闫双瑞 372922198007054140 11/13/2015 成都2
117 JIANG Ke 蒋珂 510106198404031410 11/13/2015 成都2
118 LIU Yang 刘扬 512533198011120327 11/13/2015 成都2
119 CHENG Jiting 陈济庭 350521197309237032 11/13/2015 南昌
120 YING Shuhua 应淑华 360103196910190725 11/13/2015 南昌
121 SONG Qi 宋琦 142731198810253918 11/13/2015 南昌
122 WU Xiaolong 吴晓龙 360622197505240013 11/13/2015 南昌
123 Li Xiaohong 李小红 220104197603174151 11/13/2015 贵州
124 ZHOU Hui 周徽 44510219770807001X 11/13/2015 贵州
125 GUO Zhipeng 郭志鹏 522422198007160411 11/13/2015 贵州
126 ZHAO Bo 赵波 520102196501092490 11/13/2015 贵州
127 HU Yinzhong 胡银忠 372922197802012439 11/13/2015 贵州
128 WANG Jie 王洁 520103198511010066 11/13/2015 贵州
129 LIAO Shanyou 廖善有 510184199309264412 11/24/2015
130 HU Yi 胡毅 510106198607192919 11/24/2015 成都2
131 SONG Haixia 宋海霞 510123197906223422 11/24/2015 成都2
132 JIANG Xi 姜熙 513923198510290039 11/24/2015 成都2
133 He Xiyue 何希钥 511321198607291023 12/14/2015 成都2
134 Hou Zhihua 候志华 510625196710091371 12/14/2015 成都2
135 Huang Hualin 黄华林 512923197408282177 12/14/2015 贵州
136 Li Hong 李洪 510221196305091135 12/14/2015 成都2
137 LI Xiaofang 李晓芳 510722197402188906 12/14/2015 成都2
138 Liang Ming 梁明 510124196412270431 12/14/2015 成都2
139 Liu Mingzhu 刘明珠 522128198408211031 12/14/2015 贵州
140 Liu Weijun 刘维君 511225198212102902 12/14/2015 成都2
141 Pan Yafen 潘亚芬 522130197303026427 12/14/2015 贵州
142 Peng Changhong 彭昌洪 510702197304243531 12/14/2015 成都2
143 Wang Guangwei 王广为 220503197606131558 12/14/2015 成都2
144 Wang Jun 王俊 510722197504112697 12/14/2015 成都2
145 Wang Qiangqiang 王强强 132424197803206711 12/14/2015
146 Wu Yan 吴艳 511502198705270340 12/14/2015 成都2
147 Yi Hong 易虹 511102196309020015 12/14/2015 成都2
148 Zhang Xiangshu 张湘蜀 510102196803246115 12/14/2015 成都2
149 Zhou Tianming 周天明 510724195710040237 12/14/2015 成都2
150 Zuo Jiaming 左佳明 510823197110277415 12/14/2015 成都2
151 TANG Xiaobo 唐孝波 512925197704076493 1/6/2016 成都2
152 LI Zhilong 李志龙 230206197612012218 1/6/2016 南昌
153 DONG Dongwan 董东万 51072319730313567x 1/6/2016 成都2
154 LI Changhong 李长洪 511023197412137116 1/6/2016 成都2
155 ZHANG Kai 张剀 152701199001230917 1/6/2016 南昌
156 WANG Fudong 王福东 210121197606166119 1/6/2016 成都2
157 CHEN Changyi 陈昌义 511002196210012212 1/6/2016 成都2
158 Jiarong ZHANG 张家荣 620102198512072113 1/6/2016 成都3
159 CHEN Lequn 陈乐群 320926197101255563 1/6/2016 贵州
160 HU Zhang 胡璋 430681198408244736 1/6/2016 南昌
161 WANG Dunhong 王墩洪 350583198709203791 1/6/2016 贵州
162 HUANG Huogen 黄火根 36222819720223110 1/6/2016 南昌
163 LI Ke 李可 522502198312180021 1/6/2016 贵州
164 YUAN Jiahao 袁家豪 520402198811182833 1/6/2016 南昌
165 HUANG Aimin 黄爱民 510681196910293884 1/6/2016 成都2
166 ZHANG Wenfu 张文富 522226197805190818 1/6/2016 贵州
167 YUAN Xingying 袁兴应 522422197701080433 1/6/2016 贵州
168 KONG Xianyu 孔贤玉 220281197703267820 1/6/2016 贵州
169 YAN Xiaoxiao 严潇潇 511111198001263526 1/6/2016 成都2
170 ZHANG Jun 张俊 513023197009120033 1/26/2016 成都2
171 LIAN Junchao 连俊潮 4405241197606055113 1/26/2016 成都2
172 DING Youqing 丁友清 511023196610061197 1/26/2016 成都2
173 XIE Gang 谢刚 510421198112074611 1/26/2016 成都2
174 WEI Bingyan 魏冰岩 410303197111211016 1/26/2016 成都2
175 TAN Bangqiong 谭邦琼 510602198208021866 1/26/2016 成都2
176 SUN Jie 孙洁 120102197609082024 1/26/2016 成都2
177 REN Zhengfei 任正飞 510723197503146816 1/26/2016 成都2
178 WANG Xianghong 王向红 51021219690418082x 1/26/2016 成都2
179 CAO Yang 曹洋 510603198111237659 1/26/2016 成都2
180 GUO Wei 郭维 513701198611127419 1/26/2016 成都2
181 JING Feng 敬枫 511181197910163914 1/26/2016 成都3
182 JIANG Zhi 蒋志 512921196310141811 1/26/2016 成都2
183 CHENG Yuegang 陈月刚 511121197209092074 1/26/2016 成都2
184 JIANG Xianliang 蒋贤良 512901196405231216 1/26/2016 成都2
185 WANG Lan 王兰 510181196912076720 1/26/2016 成都2
186 WU Zhengyu 吴正裕 510602196901297677 1/26/2016 成都2
187 WAN Peng 万朋 360121198703295833 1/26/2016 南昌
188 Hu Min 胡敏 512322198103235105 3/23/2016 成都
189 Li Gang 李刚 510922197901300270 3/23/2016 成都
190 Ma Wenjun 马文军 330106196809101517 3/23/2016 成都
191 Wang Li 王荔 510623199412216026 3/23/2016 成都
192 Zhou Chaozhong 周朝忠 51253019680922651X 3/23/2016 成都
193 Wang Jian 汪剑 511321198304193039 3/23/2016 成都
194 Chen Hong 陈宏 511025197601067551 3/23/2016 成都
195 Liu ZhiPeng 刘知朋 51168119871112501X 3/23/2016 成都
196 Zhang Xu 张旭 510504198909280921 3/23/2016 成都
197 Wang xiaomeng 王晓萌 510902198902149524 3/23/2016 成都
198 He Jinrong 何金蓉 510402197109121444 3/23/2016 成都
199 Yang Xiaoxia 杨晓霞 140223198206102823 3/23/2016 成都
200 Pan Qiong 潘琼 52240119810301886X 3/23/2016 贵阳
201 Wang Jian 王健 520103196411224417 3/23/2016 贵阳
202  Wei Wei 韦伟 52210119940802541X 3/23/2016 贵阳
203 Wu Changwei 吴昌纬 520103198404094019 3/23/2016 贵阳
204 Chen Qiang 陈强 230183197703040633 3/23/2016 贵阳
205 Ao Xiang 敖祥 500112198712255817 3/23/2016 重庆
206 Chen Weidong 陈卫东 510225197209296130 3/23/2016 重庆
207 Hu Xujun 胡绪军 51122519810813105X 3/23/2016 重庆
208 Jiang Lianshuang 蒋连爽 51302319830227583X 3/23/2016 重庆
209 Lan Xingwen 蓝兴文 510230197603036055 3/23/2016 重庆
210 Liu Fu 刘福 51303119720906235X 3/23/2016 重庆
211 Qi Senlin 漆森林 500112197908143556 3/23/2016 重庆
212 Ran Yunfei 冉云飞 500102198602126894 3/23/2016 重庆
213 Wang Dongmei 王冬梅 510181198208154026 3/23/2016 重庆
214 Xie Jining 谢吉宁 510212196610204179 3/23/2016 重庆
215 Xue Jianguo 薛建国 142327198907012014 3/23/2016 重庆
216 Zhang Qun 张群 512930197308084513 3/23/2016 重庆
217 Cheng Hong 程鸿 360103197012173418 4/7/2016 南昌
218 Jiang Yang 江洋 360102198704288011 4/7/2016 南昌
219 Jiao Bing Lin 焦兵临 360111196710240011 4/7/2016 南昌
220 Ning Min 宁闽 360111196803020130 4/7/2016 南昌
221 Tang En Jiang 汤恩江 33260319540525001X 4/7/2016 南昌
222 Wang Bo 王波 360111197706150018 4/7/2016 南昌
223 Wu Song 吴松 3400223198207142816 4/7/2016 南昌
224 Wu Yuan Wu 伍元武 360122197201150054 4/7/2016 南昌
225 Xu Zhi Yong 许智涌 350102197411080392 4/7/2016 南昌
226 Yang Jun Song 杨俊松 360502196806230032 4/7/2016 南昌
227 Yuan Jia Hao 袁家豪 520402198811182833 4/7/2016 南昌
228 Zou Hai Gen 邹海根 360203197005171532 4/7/2016 南昌
229 Yuan Ren Jie 袁仁杰 341102199507170235 4/7/2016 南昌
230 Wang Huan 王欢 360121198910225512 4/7/2016 南昌
231 Fu Xuelian 付雪莲 511002198402027223 4/7/2016 成都
232 Guo Yihan 郭奕含 510181198603222260 4/7/2016 成都
233 Li Xi 李茜 510304199108192925 4/7/2016 成都
234 Liu Chengguo 刘成国 511122197809017832 4/7/2016 成都
235 Liu Fengyun 刘峰云 510623199005310517 4/7/2016 成都
236 Liu Miao 刘淼 510626198109094825 4/7/2016 成都
237 Liu Ning 柳宁 510902197204028851 4/7/2016 成都
238 Niu Tao 牛涛 510105197811091794 4/7/2016 成都
239 Wang Yue 王越 510902198607199166 4/7/2016 成都
240 Wei Dingwei 魏定伟 51302419780422003X 4/7/2016 成都
241 Wen Yi 文艺 510603198705016175 4/7/2016 成都
242 Zhu Jie 朱杰 510321198604288338 4/7/2016 成都
243 Qian Jun 钱军 510903196506059030 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都5
244 Deng Hao 邓豪 510121197705128813 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
245 Fang Hua 方华 51222419740907671X Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
246 Fu Li 付丽 511002198704197228 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
247 He Jianmei 何建梅 513432198006200022 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
248 Hu Jiaquan 胡加全 511129197910135416 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
249 Huang Jianhua 黄建华 511126197112060035 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
250 Huang Mingjian 黄明建 510625197809212393 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
251 Huang Zhongxing 黄中兴 440301196810261336 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
252 Li Wengang 刘文刚 510122197506244615 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
253 Mao Hong 毛洪 511027198103141955 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
254 Tan Xin 谭鑫 510602197902045935 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
255 Wang Mingzheng 王明正 510302198204290018 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
256 Xie Changbo 谢长波 510812198910252836 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
257  Yang Liangcheng 杨良成 511023198207227918 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都7
258 Wei Lei 魏磊 533221198805120313 Friday, May 20, 2016 成都
259 Chen Changhai 陈长海 362330198008235010 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
260 Deng Liang 邓亮 36222819880622081x Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
261 Hu Chunlin 胡春霖 360424197702100214 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
262 Cheng Hong 程鸿 420500196803021319 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
263 Hu Qiang 胡强 36020219841212001x Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
264 Huang Jiaxin 黄佳新 362203197606010613 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
265 Li Jianqiang 李建强 360102197302260572 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
266 Sun Jianxiang 孙建祥 332601196209030652 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
267 Zhou Cheng 周成 362522197508085537 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
268 Zhu Moxiong 朱模雄 360422197212263632 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 南昌
269 HOU Dongquan 侯东全 220104197908226514 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
270 LAN Xiaoping 兰小平 512924197111300035 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
271 LI Ke 李科 510105198409282271 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
272 WU Min 吴敏 511027197904021369 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
273 YE Mei 叶梅 510105197603270261 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
274 ZHANG Yinchun 张银春 513723198311104205 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
275 CHEN Weidong 陈维栋 511381198208242917 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
276 GU Yongbing 顾永兵 512925197809276694 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
277 LI Haisheng 李海生 510722198304213316 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
278 LI Jianhua 李建华 51102519710303153X Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
279 LI Jun 李俊 510181197806151912 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
280 LI Xiao 李晓 51102519881002438X Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
281 LIN Jun 林军 530111197401181712 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
282  PENG Fangyuan 彭芳媛 511521198608125263 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
283 SONG Yu 宋宇 510504198705282511 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
284 SUN Yu 孙宇 511002197110041854 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
285 ZHOU Daohong 周道洪 510622197407146013 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
286 ZHU Guojun 朱国军 51112319860522577X Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
287 SUI Sijia 隋思佳 510106198902210462 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
288 LIU Yixi 刘怡希 510302198001210524 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 成都7
289 LUO Yonggui 罗永贵 520103196112124811 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 贵阳
290 ZHU Yongjun 朱勇军 522225198501298713 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 贵阳
291 LU Da 陆达 520114198201300416 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 贵阳
292 XIAO Kaiyu 肖开玉 522428197001221010 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 贵阳
293 SHEN Kaicheng 沈开成 522328198710050516 Wednesday, June 15, 2016 贵阳

Authorisation of HKCI as Exclusive AMU Programme Management Centre


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Executive MBA