Experience Campus Life

Cyberjaya Campus

The Cyberjaya Campus is the newest addition to the university and will host our Business, Accounting, Information Technology and Computer Science programmes. Being at the centre of Malaysia’ Multimedia Super Corridor allows AMU to linkup with global corporations while leveraging on the large talent pool of ICT experts in delivering an industry-relevant programme. The new campus features two highly specialized ICT laboratories to aid in computer science and networking research along with 15 classrooms and an auditorium.

The location of AMU’s newest campus will provide our students with the opportunity to engage global MNCs and ICT companies in an effort to gain better industrial experiences while working on live projects and being exposed to cutting age technologies. The campus will also include a dedicated and fully equipped library that caters to the Faculty of Business and IT.

Johor Bahru Campus

Expanding its reach to the south of Malaysia, Asia Metropolitan University established its 50 000 square-feet Johor Bahru campus. The southern campus seeks to be close to the rapidly growing Iskandar regional economic zone while still providing a serene and conducive learning environment away from hectic traffic. The Johor Bahru campus hosts the medical degree programme and other related healthcare programmes which allows the university to leverage on its links with nearby public hospitals thus giving our students critical exposure and experience.
Among its’ many laboratories are the Multi-Disciplinary Lab 1, used mainly for Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology subjects, Multi-Disciplinary Lab 2 which is used during both, Anatomy and Pathology sessions and Multi-Disciplinary Lab 3 used for Physiology and other Pre-Clinical demonstrations. The campus also features its own Anatomy Museum which aids in the teaching and learning of the MBBS programme. The campus also has its very own, one-stop center, namely the Student Resource Centre which is equipped with the latest information technology solutions and updated resources to ease students’ study and research efforts.


General Bursary Awards
Up to 10% Tuition Fee waiver for selected Degree and Diploma programmes

Malaysian Foundation Scholarship
Up to 100% scholarship for selected Foundation programmes

Bursary for MBBS
RM 75k Bursary for MBBS programme

Teaching & Learning

At AMU, we believe that when students are engaged, they learn. In support of this belief, we uphold the Kaizen principle on continuous improvement in our teaching and learning approaches to maximise the quality of student engagement. This is where our regularly scheduled classroom audits and course as well as lecturer evaluations serve as important feedback mechanisms.

Fundamentally, we believe in a student-centric teaching and learning model. We recognise that our students have diverse learning styles and strive to develop the most effective teaching methodology that will optimise their learning process. To ensure an alignment between curriculum requirement and actual delivery, we also introduced a database system to manage students’ clinical posting, which is a critical component of our health science programmes.


Science Labs
To add spark to the mission of education and prepare students for the competitive world, it is essential to provide them a world of experimentation through well-equipped labs. The campus has multiple well-designed laboratories that complement teaching and learning sessions conducted by highly experienced lecturers. Students have access to highly specialized equipment including Ultrasound and X-ray equipment, Paramedic support equipment and laboratory instrumentation systems. These laboratories are also fitted with projectors to showcase videos pertaining to experiments.

Computer labs
Students at AMU have access to state-of-the-art computer facilities that include the latest PCs and workstations with Internet connection, operating systems, software suites and commercial programming software in multiple IT labs built for project work, multimedia production, software and internet programming. Furthermore, all around the campus you will have access to wireless Internet so learning is made possible anywhere, anytime.


Our library is a gateway to a comprehensive collection of books, journals, periodicals, student projects and other related publications to support learning and research for all students and staff.

In addition, you can access online digital libraries from leading providers for additional reading materials and gain resources for research-based projects.

There are also areas for individual and group study, computer facilities and a photocopying facility.


Our University has a wide range of facilities to get the most out of your study experience while making life at the University as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. 

Comfortably designed student lounge create a homely ambience that allow students to rest and relax after a long, exhausting day. 

Auditoriums are equipped with the latest technology and modern facilities to create an enhanced learning experience.

Support Facilities

Our dedicated Student Affairs and Development Units will assist students who need special services such as medical attention, complaints and other service related matters. Besides that, to ease the strain of travelling, the university has also provided the students with free shuttle bus services from the hostel to the campus and clinical attachment areas.


All Asia Metropolitan University(AMU)’s students are provided with conducive, comfortable and affordable accommodation choices. The university student hostel consists of apartments, condominiums with support facilities such as 3-tier security, swimming pool, tennis courts, laundry shop and more.